What do Bach, Ives, Monteverdi, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan have in common? How do you get a classical string quartet to perform genres so different from each other, and yet so compelling?

Our debut album's concept is the idea of Truth or lack thereof. We have chosen timeless music to be arranged especially for us by Houston-based composer Karl Blench, to reflect the human heart across the ages. The music on our album flows seamlessly from Electronic Dance Music piece by Haywyre, through Claudio Monteverdi's aria from the 1600s opera, indie singer/songwriter's song by Elliott Smith, J.S.Bach's moving aria from his St.Matthew's Passion, famous 80s hit by Fleetwood Mac, and so on - you get the idea.

This album is like nothing you have heard before! 

"Breaking down boundaries...Axiom Quartet deliver their album Axiom, which illustrates beautifully why Classical music is for everyone." -  Darren Rea, Review Graveyard.

"...an ambitious and interesting record." - American Record Guide

"...a whirlwind journey of soul searching expression." - Classical Music Discoveries

"This Houston chamber group is thoroughly modern with no dust on them as they bounce between pop, classics and originals with equal grace and style. A recital with too much energy to be restricted to Sunday afternoons, this crew is like musical Rice Crispies as they bring so much snap, crackle and pop to the fore." - Midwest Record Online