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The Axiom Quartet 
Jukebox Series

The Jukebox Concert Series

The Axiom Quartet Jukebox Series is an innovative way of presenting chamber music in Houston's diverse communities. 

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Axiom Quartet has a vast list of culturally relevant songs, which we bring out to various communities in our city.

We ask our audiences to look through our song lists and to select the repertoire for each concert by THEMSELVES rather than to listen to the program chosen by the quartet. That way our concerts become collaborations rather than traditional performances. We are looking for audience participation and immediate feedback based on what they hear and what is important, exciting and relevant to them.


This concept creates an opportunity for Axiom Quartet to be affirming of the cultural background of each community, while providing excellent quality professional performance. The quartet aims to bring the awareness of the string quartet music and traditional classical chamber music to the areas of the City of Houston that usually lack such exposure, so called "live performance deserts". 

Axiom Quartet strongly believes that communities should not be deprived of high quality culture just because they are located outside of the immediate city center. We want to bring excellent, relevant and enriching live music experiences to those areas, believing such experiences have the power to change lives. 

Our Jukebox Series is independent from our Main Concert Series highlighted on our Events page.


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