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10th Anniversary Season ... And What It Means For Us?

Axiom Quartet's first decade of meaningful music making has been thrilling, varied, and full of adventure. Our main purpose, amongst several personnel changes and other curveballs that inevitably are a part of life, has always been to serve our beloved Houston community with innovative and inclusive concerts, which not only entertain but also educate and enlighten.

As we delve into the memories of our programs past, we cannot help but notice how exciting and ambitious our concerts have been! We have included monumental works like Shostakovich String Quartet No 3 or Beethoven op.59 No 1 in our first years. Who remembers our cool encounter with clarinetist Richie Howley as we joined forces for music of Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Hitchcock's favorite composer in a performance of his "Psycho" Suite?

We are particularly proud of our debut album "AXIOMS: Moments of Truth", released on Navona label in 2018 as well as our first international tour of China, promoting the CD. The memories of dozens of concerts we played there, as well as hundreds of enthusiastic listeners we encountered in the glorious concert halls of China, will stay with us forever.

We strive to be a part of Houston's community in a most organic sense. We engage with our town's lesser-served areas, making trips to schools and retirement homes to share the gift of music and its meaning. We are proud to be Outreach Ambassadors for Chamber Music Houston, a mighty organization that brings some of the world's best chamber music to our city.

We have collaborated with many local and guest artists as well as fellow non-profits. We have been an active part of Houston art community's support of Ukraine in the recent war. Our landmark Jukebox Concert Series aims at bringing chamber music to areas of Houston with no access to quality live performance. We strive to give these communities not only a great concert experience, but we encourage them to be an active participant in creating unique and culturally relevant programs for their specific community.

Yes, a decade of artistic presence obliges to reach for more. As much as we are proud of our achievements to date, we cannot wait to share the details and philosophy behind our 10th Anniversary Season! Stay tuned for more!

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